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Ring Magnet

Ring Magnets are one of the most popular shapes of rare earth magnets. Neodymium ring magnets are being designed into a new generation of motors, generators, hydraulic cylinders, pumps & sensors. They also remain popular in high-end loud speakers & high-intensity separators.

Our strong ring neodymium magnets n35, n52, n54 and n42 are in many sizes. When we call ring magnet, tube magnet, or maybe permanent magnets rare earth strong ring neodymium magnets, they are very similar, just the height or length are different.

We supply all kinds of ring magnets, small ring magnets,super strong neodymium ring magnets, rare earth tube ring ndfeb magnet,big ring magnets, thin ring magnet, long ring magnets, etc. With different coating like zinc, nickle, epoxy, etc.


Customer Benefits

    * Verities of ring magnets made of neodymium or Ferrite.
    * Strong and durable
    * Ideal for both household and commercial use
    * Excellent resistance to demagnetisation
    * Poor resistance to corrosion
    * Good temperature stability
    * High performed material provides excellent performance
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