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Who We Are !!

ODIDEL is the Leading Manufacturing & Resourcing company of Automobile & Household Electrical Accessories & Appliances with own in-house International Freight Forwarding, Express, Logistics Distribution, Supply Chain Solution including PAN India distributions with a sole source, Reverse Logistics, Packaging Solution & E- Logistics.

Today, with the abundant experience, the Company is proud to show our products & network strength spread across the Country & Worldwide. We excel to reach out any part with our wide global network of branches/associates throughout India & globe to deliver our product with nominal logistics cost. Our End-to-End supply chain and logistics solutions help us efficiently to manage the transfer of products, information and funds between our suppliers and our customers allowing to focus on reaching the full potential of our business.

ODIDEL will cover all the stages of the Products, Resource, supply chain & logistics from the movement the inventory leaves your suppliers until the movement it reaches your retailers or destination. We Offers a convenient menu of standard freight management services, including air, sea, project, road, and sea/air to balance urgency and cost-effectiveness on your day-to-day shipments. Some of the factors that have helped us to evolve as the preferred logistics solution provider are as follows:

  • Stock control and warehousing/distribution programs as well as track and trace systems for meeting the import as well as export related needs

  • Tailor-Made Logistics/ Outsourcing Packages & Computerized Systems for handling the specific needs of our customers

  • Well-knit global network with presence across 113 Countries

  • Capability to handle export and import of full loads or consolidations, (including temperature-controlled containers for commodities like pharmaceuticals & perishable items.

  • European & Global network of Door-to-Door services with main overseas partners

  • Nationwide branch coverage throughout India with purpose built, customs-controlled freight terminals


The Company Inc. shall adopt and internalize a work culture which demonstrates a “We Can’t Spell S_CCESS Without You” attitude to reflect & create historical landmarks forming a strong efficient for the future by overcoming all the obstacles pro-actively.

To classify as a big business under the guidelines of the Small Business Administration (SBA). We shall continue to compete as a small business principle, good Human Resources practice and excellent customer services to all our Customers in international & domestic market.

There is "N" Protections Services To Our Clients & Agents 





There is "S" Principle Services To Our Clients & Agents




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