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Carbon Brush

A carbon brush is a sliding contact used to transmit electrical current from a static to a rotating part, in a motor or generator, and as regards DC machines, ensure a spark-free commutation.

Carbon brushes are maintained by brush-holders to be in permanent contact with the slip ring assembly or with the commutator. Odidel offers a wide range of carbon brushes for all types of motors, generators and alternators, grounding devices and current and signal transmission.

Carbon Brush works with over 100 high quality materials to manufacture a full line of fabricated or pressed-to-size carbon brushes designed to maximize brush life and performance for any given application. Odidel offers all types and styles of brushes to ensure the best suited brush is available to meet the requirements of your particular application.


Customer Benefits

* Complete solution for all types in different motors or tools.
* Customized products as per customers requirements.
* Specifications of Volt like 220v, 110v, 90v, 48v, 36v, 24v, 12v.
* Well equipped LAB for the electrical and performances tests.
* Special testing equipment for durability and performance .
* Products undergo rigorous quality control to meet OE

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