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Customs Clearance

ODIDEL Logistics offers custom clearance in India With efficient and enter information on import custom duty in India and customs regulations, custom clearing services in India and procedures being an import custom clearing agents in India. We handle customs clearing services of import distributions by sea, air and road professionally and effortlessly as being a chief import custom clearing agents in India. When the customs procedures are completed the ODIDEL as a custom clearing agent transport the shipments to the said destination as per our clients requirements.

As we obtain the said documents, our skilled custom clearing agent specialists try to provide the best probable advantage to the clients as part of custom clearance services in India with reference to the custom notifications and exemptions are a custom clearance agent in India. With a technical professional staff for import custom clearance, we avoid the delay in import custom clearing services in India and other detention charges such as weighty demurrage etc.


Customer Benefits

* Online Paper Through EDI System
* Container Track System for Air & Sea Customs Process
* Fastest Refund Providing Services for Duty Drawback
* Custom Bonded Warehousing Process
* Documentation & Legal Procedures for SVB/SIIB/DRI/APPEALS
* 24 hour Open for You

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