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Ferrite Magnet

Arc segment or tile Ferrite magnets are commonly used in electric motors and generators. They also have uses where a magnet needs to be formed around a cylinder. We carry a limited selection of arc segment magnets but can manufacture custom sized magnets to order.

Ferrite Magnet could be used in a wide rang of applications because of their high coercively and low cost. Ferrite Disc Magnet are widely used in reed switches, loud speakers, security system audio, motors, magnetic couplings, for sensing, loudspeakers, holding-magnet systems, crafts, magnetic therapy, novelties.

* Ferrite magnets are sintered permanent magnets composed of Barium or Strontium Ferrite.
* Ferrite magnets with good resistance to demagnetization is low cost.
* The corrosion resistance of Ferrite magnet is considered excellent and no surface treatments are required.
* Ferrite magnets have Y10T, Y30, Y35, C5, C8 GRADE


Customer Benefits

    * Usually made of Barium and Strontium Ferrite
    * Strong and durable
    * Ideal for both household and commercial use
    * Excellent resistance to demagnetisation
    * Excellent corrosion resistance
    * Good temperature stability
    * High performed material provides excellent performance
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