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Isotropic Magnet

Isotropic magnets can be magnetised from any direction, but the magnetism is less powerful because the crystal direction is varied. On the contrary, the crystal direction of the anisotropic magnet is unidirectional, so the magnetising direction is in one direction, and the magnetic force is stronger because the crystals are oriented.

As the crystal direction and arrangement of isotropic crystals are various, so a magnet with the same strength can be made by magnetizing from any arrow direction.

Cup or Isotropic magnets are magnets inset into steel/Ferrite cups that assist in mounting and increase their holding force. They are commonly used in holding applications where they are attached to a surface with a countersunk screw. We carry a selection of different shapes and sizes and can manufacture magnets to our customers' specifications.


Customer Benefits

    * Usually made of Barium and Strontium Ferrite
    * Strong and durable
    * Ideal for both household and commercial use
    * Excellent resistance to demagnetisation
    * Poor resistance to corrosion
    * Good temperature stability
    * High performed material provides excellent performance
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