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Neodymium Magnet

This is a magnet with a greater magnetic characteristic than all existing magnets, and the principal components are neodymium, steel, and boron. A Neodymium magnet is one of the major rare-earth magnets, and it achieves a high level of magnetism even after miniaturization because its power is greater than other magnets, so it is suitable for downsizing applications.

A Neodymium magnet has satisfactory mechanical strength, but is unsuitable for high temperature locations. Galvanizing is applied for anti-rust protection. It is suitable for small motors, sensors, and precision machines, etc

Our knowledgeable engineers are always available to assist in determining the best grade and size of neodymium magnet for your application. We also offer coating and plating choices for magnets we custom-machine.


Customer Benefits

    * Usually made of neodymium, steel, and boron
    * Strong and durable
    * Ideal for both household and commercial use
    * Excellent resistance to demagnetisation
    * Galvanizing is applied for anti-rust protection
    * Good temperature stability
    * High performed material provides excellent performance
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