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Careers Grow With ODIDEL

Don’t waste your talent in companies that doesn’t share your passion for work. Invest your skills and time in building ODIDEL and you will be rewarded with a satisfactory career. ODIDEL is a globally recognized logistics company that can help you build either a strong base for your career to thrive upon or maybe better to make use of your talent and grow together with a multi national company.

Our major objective is to hire talented and passionate people, bright performers are always welcomed at ODIDEL and we are committed to helping them make swift career growth and learn the crucial elements of supply chain management at different organisational levels.


We have made our performance growth evaluation transparent; we allow each member of our team to access their strength and contribute your thoughts openly to make things better. The diversity of our solutions helps you to learn more, and also to choose job roles as per your interest.

Current Openings 

If you are up for a challenge every day and want to accelerate your career, please fill the job application form to join us OR e-mail us with your resume at

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Invest your skills and time in building ODIDEL


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