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Disc Magnet

ODIDEL is highly efficient professional and high-tech with excellent quality disc magnets manufacturer & supplier, we supply all kinds of disc magnets, small disc magnets, super strong neodymium disc magnets, big disc magnets, thin disc magnets, long disc magnets, etc. With different coating like zinc, nickle, epoxy, etc.

Our super strong neodymium disc magnets have wide variety grade N35, N48, N40, N42, N52, and N45. Sometimes the disk magnets with a countersunk hole that drilled in the middle to attach it to nonmetallic materials, such as wood or plastic plant. These round magnets can allow the screw’s head to reside below, or maybe with the face of the magnet to ensure it doesn’t interfere with the magnet’s performance.

Every aspect of our operation rests upon one service principle: "Odidel is your best choice for magnets." We sincerely welcome your business, and look forward to good cooperation


Customer Benefits

    * Usually made of neodymium
    * Strong and durable
    * Ideal for both household and commercial use
    * Excellent resistance to demagnetisation
    * Poor resistance to corrosion
    * Good temperature stability
    * High performed material provides excellent performance
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