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ODIDEL Bearing

ODIDEL deals with hight quality Prodcuct Catagories of Bearings as Ball Bearing, Auto Bearing, Taper Roller Bearing, Track Roller Bearing, Linear Bearing, Spherical Bearing, Stainless Steel Bearing

Quaity Control

We control bearing quality by making a Quality Control Plan according to this bearing's quality Characters and our customers' requirements of quality, At the same time, we also do following evaluation:

  • Evaluate accuracy test & retest during producing and the final product.

  • Evaluate working procedure ability Evaluate Sample 4) Evaluate the fault Products, analyse the reason and make an improve action.

  • Evaluate this action As a fast-growing ball bearings supplier, our bearings were supplied to our customer is not only a duty but also a responsibility.

One Stop Services

  • Low Noise

  • No Play

  • High Precession

  • Customized

  • Technical Support

  • Good Price

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