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ODIDEL Ferrite Magnets

Ferrite magnet, As nonmetallic type of permanent magnetic material, ferrite magnet is utilizing iron oxide (Fe2O3), Barium Carbonate (BaCO3) or Strontium Carbonate (SrCO3) as raw material and then manufactured through ceramics process. Maximum operating temperature of sintered ferrite magnet can arrive 250 degrees Celsius. Sintered ferrite magnet also has superior corrosion resistance.

Ferrite Magnets Introduction

To ensure and maintain the high quality of magnets, Odidel Resources (hereinafter called “ODIDEL”) conducts continuous performance tests on the most advanced inspection equipment. We meet customers’ expectations by maintaining a perfect quality assurance system under the principle; “Supply superior quality products through continuous improvement of manufacturing process coupled with the elevation of core technology.

Ferrite Magnets Applications

The most representative applications of sintered ferrite magnet include loudspeakers, permanent magnet (PM) motors and generators. Sintered ferrite magnet is generally used in various areas in the past several decades and its market share is still very large.

Types of Ferrite Magnets

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